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But what did Rome sound like?

If I'd been at all mechanically inclined, I would love to be one of those archaologists who builds ancient siege engines and stuff like that. But since I can't even find my way from one end of a ruler to the other without making a mistake, it's best I steer clear of anything that immersive. I do like cooking the occasioanl ancient food though, to see what that's like, but I'm not always a fan of the time involved. The pre-microwave era? Not a huge fan. Even boiling water was a time-consuming back in the days when you had to make a fire first. As much as I love history, I also love living in a part of it where most things, at least for those of us privelged enough, are convenient.

So, I can cook some of the things people in Ancient Rome ate, and I can read the books they read (not in Latin, though!), and I can take computer simulated walks through their houses, but guess what else I can do? I can listen to the same music they did. Because there are so many talented music historians and musicians out there who have recreated, to their best of their knowledge (which is certainly a lot more extensive than mine!) what music from Ancient Rome sounded like.

Check out my Sub Rosa playlist. This is basically what I listened to when I wrote Sub Rosa, except the original playlist is called "Write your f*cking Roman novel, Jen." And, as I work on the second book in the series, that sentiment remains unchanged.


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