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A cover, and a preorder link!

In super exciting news, Sub Rosa is now available to preorder. It's already up on Amazon, and should be listed at other retailers in the next few days.

Rome, 58 AD.

The dinner party didn’t turn out the way Aemilius Valerius expected. He didn’t expect a place at the main table. He didn’t expect to drink that much. He didn’t expect to hook up with one of the scarier dancers. And he most certainly didn’t expect to trip over the bloody corpse of his host on the floor of the informal dining room.

One man’s grisly murder is another man’s opportunity. Valerius teams up with the investigator, a plebeian with a chip on his shoulder, to discover the killer. Mad Uncle Maro promised it would be a smart career move, but that was before a second senator turned up dead. Now everything points towards a corrupt legion, an imperial assassin, and the emperor’s mother. It might have been smarter to accept that honorary priesthood, stupid hat or not.

This means I'm spending the weekend doing a read through of the ARC before final edits land in my inbox sometime next week. And, in exciting news, there will also be an audiobook of Sub Rosa coming, narrated by the incredibly talented Vikas Adam. I can't wait to get my hands (ears?) on that!

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