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Sub Rosa ARC front and backmatter

Hi ARC readers! Here's where you'll find the stuff not included in the ARC that's going to be in the final product, that might be useful. We have a map of Rome, and also a list of characters. Happy reading! 

The Family Aemilius

Q. Aemilius Valerius; our hero

Fulvia Drusa; his wife

Octavia Junilla; his sister

Julia Drusilla; his stepdaughter; a pain

A. Caldus Ruso aka Mouse; his stepson; a pleasure

G. Aemilius Lucullus Maro; a mad relation

Marcia Laeta; a mad relation by marriage 


Patricians, assorted

Gn. Gavius Silanus; Fulvia’s ex, Julia’s papa; a prick

G. Marcellus Naso; no sense of humour; a pompous prude

G. Marcellus Albanus; no senses; presently posthumous

P. Cornelius Paulinus; nice bloke; a party animal

M. Galerius Nepos; noble; a political animal

Gn. Claudius Rufanus; nobler; a prosperous man 

G. Avitus Florian; nothing special; a poor cousin

A. Probus Macrinus; not getting any younger; past it 

P. Menenius Carpo; naked; prone to prolonged baths

P. Vibianis Ennius; knob; pasty, podgy and pickled

Gn. Pomptius Voltinian; not home; playing away?

M Antonius Donatus; nonentity, presumably

M. Decius Nasica; no longer with us; parted ways 

Gn. Septus Severus; neighbourhood magistrate; past his bedtime


Slaves, assorted

Juba; a bodyguard

Cretes; a secretary

Larius; a waste of space

Hursa; a waste of money 


Miscellaneous Items

Caraca; an oddball from Gaul

Alcipides; an honest businessman, honestly

Philosthones; a bean counter

L. Junius Atreus; a vigile with a responsibility 

Lucilla; the responsibility

Leander; a physician or mortician, whatever your need

Gaius, Vibilus, Brachus, Manius; vigiles, assorted

Centhus; a barber

Nicius; a dancer

Vetus; a plasterer and/or tiler

Bano; an ugly gangster

Erastus; a pretty gangster

Rubio; a waster 

Kaeso; an unsavoury informer

Colchus; an elusive informer

Sylvia; an unfortunate bystander    

Eburnus; a pseudonym? Rude of ’im


Historical figures (more or less)

Nero; the Emperor of Rome

Agrippina; his mummy dearest

Seneca; his brains

Burrus; his brawn

Anicetus; a shady character; a bit blurry 

Tigellinus; even shadier; Nero’s future best buddy

Corbulo; a general; currently subduing Parthians

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